Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a catalog?
We do not have a catalog at this time. Due to our designs being updated/added to on a daily basis, we cannot keep a catalog current. Some of our stock designs are on our webpage, which is being updated frequently. If you are in need of a specific design and do not see it, please ask as we may have it setup already.

Can you do custom designs?
Yes! The majority of our work involves custom designs.

What do you need in order to quote my custom design?
Please e-mail us a copy/artwork of the design/logo you are in need of. Include in your e-mail the finished sizing & color of stones/studs needed.

What are your minimums?
Our minimums are 6 pieces of each design per order. If you do not order 6 pieces, there is a $10.00 setup fee.
Re-orders are also at a 6 piece minimum.

How much are your designs?
Pricing varies as it is based on stone count, type, color, etc. Please inquire for a particular stock design quote. To quote a custom design, we will first need to set it up for the same reasons.

What type of stones do you use?
We use AA Korean stones. Click here to view stones and studs.

Why can’t I see pricing online?
Pricing on materials and such changes from time to time. For this reason, please e-mail for pricing on a certain design.

Do you provide price breaks for certain order sizes?
Yes! We have price breaks at 51-100, 101-150, 151-200. However, they must be of the same design to receive the price break.

Do you provide wholesale pricing?
Yes, however we must have your business tax id # on file.

What is your turn around time?
Typically, our turn around time is 5 business days from approval of design setup. During peak times of the year (Holidays, school openings, homecomings, etc.) our turn around time may be 5-7 business days. The more notice the better.

How do I contact you?
E-mail is the best source to contact us and is where ALL orders must be placed- For general questions, you can also contact us by phone: 259-6818 or 832-489-8229.

What are your hours?
Monday – Thursday: 8AM – 5PM CST
Fridays: 8AM – 4PM CST
Weekends: Closed